Board Members


Each year at the clubs annual dinner/election, board members are elected to fill all board vacancies all who stepped up to be nominated for the Board we thank you! The club cannot exist without participation from our members. We truly appreciate and need you to take that step each year and get on the ballot.

It only amounts to a little of your time throughout the year. It's a great opportunity to help serve your club, and working with a great group of of your fellow club members and having a good time too. We can always use new folks with new ideas to help keep the club fresh, active and fun!!! That's what it's all about.

2019 Retiree Club Board

  • Board Members from right to left
  • Kerry Daniels, President 
  • Pat Clower, Vice President
  • Diane Kelly, Secretary
  • Nick Hively, Treasurer
  • Jeannie Wheeler, Membership Chairperson
  • Vic Hernandez, Nominating Committee
  • Mike Keniley, Nominating Committee